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Anti-Foul Paint in Mexico / Bottom Paint in Mexico

Anti-foul Paint or Bottom Paint is applied to the hull of your boat at and below the water line. It is a specialized coating applied made to slow the growth of "hard" barnacles and "soft" plant and slime that attach to the hull.  This growth and can affect a vessel's performance, durability, and even increase fuel consumption. 

Why is anti-foul paint in Mexico special?  Each paint is different.  Mexico Marine stocks the Sea Hawk paint products that are best for the warm waters and climate of the tropics in Mexico and south of the equator.  In choosing a paint, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your boat stay in the water year round?

  • How much cruising do I do, vs having the boat sit in a marina?

  • What type of bottom paint is currently on the boat?

  • Do you plan to sand to the gel-coat during this haul-out, or simply paint over existing paint?

  • What anti-foul paint is best to use in Mexico?


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