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Epoxy and Fiberglass Repair Products

Hawk Epoxy is a marine-grade, low viscosity epoxy system that makes a wide variety of construction, maintenance and creative projects a breeze. It is an easy-to-use system that facilitates building or repairing all marine projects that require a high tensile strength, durable bonding and coating agent at a cost effective price.

Hawk Epoxy is comparable to the West System Epoxy with how it works and its uses. We show you the cross reference of which Hawk Epoxy products are equivalent to which West System products.


Hawk Epoxy is packaged in easy-to-use sizes:  1/2/3/4 (Size 1 resin with Size 1 catalyst). The pumps work where 1 pump of resin is mixed with 1 pump of catalyst, or more depending on instructions. The pumps are calibrated differently and each pump size can distribute different amounts.

Hawk Epoxy is available to ship all over Mexico

West System is a trade mark of Gougeon Brothers. Hawk Epoxy is a trade mark of New Nautical Coatings.

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Hawk Epoxy Fillers



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West System Resin

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