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  • Packaged for larger fuel tanks
  • 1 oz Treats 32 Gal gas, diesel



Although the label says Diesel, in fact, you can also use this product in Gasoline.
Star Tron is available in several concentrations. Choose which version to purchase by the size of the fuel tank you’re treating, not the type of fuel.
In this version, 1 ounce treats 32 gallons of fuel.

This formulation of Star Tron is concentrated for treating large quantities of fuel, so it’s marketed for use in larger engines with fuel tanks in the 50 gallon and over range — which typically burn diesel.

Star Tron contains enzymes and additives which consume and disperse harmful microbial growth in fuels, clean the fuel delivery system and combustion chambers, stabilize fuel chemistry, and reduce engine emissions.
Importantly, Star Tron also disperses any moisture in the fuel into sub-micron particles that can be safely burned off during combustion.

• Works in all 2- and 4-cycle engines burning gasoline or diesel — boats, RVs, trucks, generators, oil burning furnaces, etc.
• Prevents problems related to E10/ethanol-blended fuels
• Eliminates sludge-forming bacteria
• Emulsifies water in the fuel
• Makes engines run smoother, start easier; rejuvenates old fuel
• Prevents fuel oxidation and stabilizes fuel chemistry for at least 1 year
• Lowers fuel system maintenance
• Increases fuel economy, especially in older engines
• Removes carbon deposits, gum and varnish - and prevents future deposits
• Reduces cold weather gelling in diesel
• Eliminates carbon build-up on injectors and on exhaust components
• Reduces soot in diesel emissions

STR 093108 - Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment - Large Engine Formula

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