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  • Makes 128 gallons of product
  • Removes salt deposits
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion



Better than water - spray it on, rinse salt away. No scrubbing necessary.

Salt-Away is a unique cleaning product which removes saltwater deposits from boat topsides, decks, sailcovers, rigging, trailer boats, and boat trailers.
• Use it to clean and remove winter road salt from car and truck underbodies, brakes, and mufflers
• Salt-Away can be used as an engine flush to remove cooling system deposits causing engine over-heating
• Salt-Away is excellent for cleaning smaller items used around saltwater such as tools, diving and fishing equipment, boat hardware, zippers, underwater cameras, water valves, plumbing fittings, quick-disconnects, etc.

Use Salt-Away as a flush, soak, or washdown.
• Helps prevent rust and corrosion by removing salt deposits, as well as leaving a protective corrosion and rust inhibiting film.
• This product is very concentrated - a little bit goes a long way.
Use just 1 part concentrate to 512 parts water (1 ounce to 4 gallons water).

• No scrubbing necessary; just spray on with a hose nozzle attached to Salt-Away's hose dispenser (Mixing Unit) and garden hose and then rinse off
• Can be used diluted as a soak
• 100% non-hazardous, non-toxic, bio-degradable
• Water-based, contains no petroleum components or solvents
• Tested to be safe on virtually all surfaces from wood, vinyl, leather, fiberglass, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics and paint
• Formulated to remove heavy salt build-up; you can leave it in your raw water system (inboards, outboards, I/Os, gensets) to dissolve hardened salt deposits - helps prevent overheating
• Will not remove previously applied protective coatings, lubricants, or inhibitors such as Boeshield or WD-40
• Salt-Away is sold in drums for vehicle wash facilities, snow & ice management industries, public works, military and other governmental agencies, and industrial applications
• Hose mixer/dispenser available as a kit with gallon of concentrate, or as a separate item

Salt-Away Concentrate 32oz

1 Quart
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