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sHAWKocon is a fast-drying, general-purpose below-the-waterline anti-corrosive primer. Its physical properties and excellent adhesion characteristics provide an easy-to-use multi-functional primer:


  • Conversion/Sealer coating over Sea Hawk Biocop TBT 1200 Series antifouling or any unknown well-adhered antifouling paint to prevent cracking and promote adhesion of a new antifouling paint


  • Barrier/Sealer coating over incompatible or unknown antifoulants to prevent leaching


  • An excellent barrier coat to reduce pitting of underwater metals from galvanic corrosion on running gear, lower units of outboards, keels, pontoons, and I/O’s


  • Prevents bleeding of color from underlying antifouling paint

SHP SH-984 - Shawkocon™ Bottom Paint Primer

  • For detailed technical information about this product please download the documents listed below:

    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS Sheet) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) covers regulatory information including physical data, hazardous ingredients list, safety precautions, storage, handling, spill and disposal procedures, and other important safety information.

    Technical Data Sheet (Tech Sheet) contains detailed product information, including application specifications and guidelines.


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