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Repsonding to customer feedback, Rule has redesigned and improved their standard 1100 GPH bilge pump to provide the advertised flow rate at just 12 volts rather than the 13.6 volts previously required (24 volts vs. 27.2 volts for the 24V model) ... more typical of real-world onboard voltage supplies.

This next generation Rule 1100 pump now also includes a check valves to prevent back-flow into the bilge
Rule has created a hidden air vent to prevent airlocking. Under each strainer tab there is a small hole that vents any air trapped in the pump housing preventing airlocks.

Rule pumps have true electromagnetic suppression (EMC). They have a built-in thermal cell that protects the pump from overheating.

Like other "traditional" bilge pumps, these non-autmatic pumps require a separate float, or other, activation switch for operation.
A dual diameter outflow port can be adapted for both 1" and 1-1/8" hoses.

• Non-automatic - used with a panel switch or Rule float switch
• Submersible
• Ignition protected
• High efficiency, low amp motor
• Stainless-steel shaft
• Includes backflow preventer

1100 GPH Low Voltage Bilge Pump - with Check Valve

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