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The D-SPLICER set comes with four needles and an exchangeable handle, also they are packed in a tube for easy storage. Just unscrew the handle and change the needle matching the rope diameter you work with.

The D-Splicer works beautifully for lines of 4mm diameter or less and for any other rigging application where the usual fids don’t fit the bill.

The D-Splicer handle is made of anodized aluminium in order to last in maritime conditions.

The set comes with four needles of two different sizes:

  • Two needles of ø 1 mm x 24 cm, suitable for the splicing of ropes < ø 2 mm
  • Two needles of ø 1.5 mm x 26 cm, suitable for the splicing of ropes ø 2-4 mm





  • Pull through operation
  • Stainless steel wire needles
  • Lightweight interchangeable handle
  • Double needle clamps the line making it easy to pull through
  • Perfect for smaller diameter ropes
  • To keep the set complete, spare needles are available

RON-RFSPLICE-6 D-Splicer Set

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