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  • Nylon for secure grip
  • 50 Amp 125/250 volt
  • Female connector



This is a replacement for the female connector in a 50A 125/250V shore power cordset.
Connectors are susceptible to damage from overheating due to a loose, pitted, or corroded connection, or a damaged power cord.
Heat damage is most often indicated by a brown discoloration at the base of the inlet blades or around the sockets in the connector.
Damaged shore power components are a potential fire hazard and should be replaced immediately.

• Ribbed, thick wall nylon housing for secure gripping
• Use with weatherproof cover for superior seal

Heavy on the technical side...
There are two categories of 50 Amp devices: 50A 125V (50A 3-wire), and 50A 125/250V (50A 4-wire).
The 3-wire devices have a single "hot" leg carrying 50A 125V.
The 4-wire devices have two "hot" legs, each carrying 50A 125V. (50A 250V when combined.)
These two categories are NOT interchangeable.
Never alter the plug of one type of these devices to fit into the receptacle or female connector of the other type.

Marinco 6364CRN- 50A Shore Power Cordset Connector

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