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Cetol Marine finishes are translucent, durable wood finishes for interior and exterior use above the waterline. They penetrate the wood to provide long-term water repellence and protection from weather, water damage, and ultraviolet rays.

Especially important, Cetol is specially formulated to be breatheable and flexibile -- it is resistant to impact damage, and won't crack over time, as the wood expands and contracts.
Although much easier to apply than varnishes, the trade-off is that Cetol requires regular maintenance to maintain its coverage, protection, and good looks. Maintenance is as simple as washing, and applying an additional coat.

• Cetol Marine Natural Teak is a durable, translucent, satin finish with a very pleasing golden color, similar to a traditional varnish. It has a bit of orange tint and is somewhat darker than a light varnish like Schooner
• Advanced Next Wave™ UV absorbing clear pigments provide greater protection, durability and longevity
• Easy to apply and maintain
• Can be applied without sanding between coats
• Protects with as few as 3 coats followed by regular touch-ups

Cetol Marine Natural Teak

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