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-Harken Part No. 073

-Optiparts No. EX2140


Eyestraps are useful accessories. They form light duty mounting bases for blocks, serve as lash down points and can be used for fairleads. Forged eyestraps are extremely strong and their smooth shape won`t chafe line.

• Weight: .16 oz. 4.5grams.

• Fastener size: #10RH in 5mm

• Breaking strength: 1600lb 726kg

• A: 1 11/16 inches 43mm

• B: 1/2 inches 12mm

• C: 1 1/4 inches 32mm

• D: 7/16 inches 11mm

• E3/16 inches 5mm

• F: 7/16 inches 11mm.




HAR 073 - 32mm Pair Eyestrap

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