Polyester resin is recommended for most standard patching and rebuilding of fiberglass laminates. Polyester is used in the vast majority of boat laminates. It will saturate the glass fiber materials quickly, yet stay in place until it cures.


Tinting: If color is desired, the resin can be tinted with a coloring agent. Add no more than 1 ounce of coloring per quart of resin. Various color tints are available.


All Sea Hawk resins should only be thinned with Styrene. DO NOT use acetone for thinning resins.


Available in 1-gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon drum.

Polyester Marine Resin

  • For detailed technical information about this product please download the documents listed below:

    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS Sheet) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) covers regulatory information including physical data, hazardous ingredients list, safety precautions, storage, handling, spill and disposal procedures, and other important safety information.

    Technical Data Sheet (Tech Sheet) contains detailed product information, including application specifications and guidelines.

    • SDS Sheet 
    • Technical Data Sheet
    • Application Guidelines
    • Compatibility Chart

    All Technical Data sheets may be found on the Seahawk Paint website at this link:    https://www.seahawkpaints.com/sdss-tdss/